4. Brent Read QLD

Brent Read
Brent ReadBrent Read – QLD
Big Guns Comment:
The Big Guns have learned that Snooker World is where Brent gets all his mail posted too. Apparently he resides under table seven!
Talk about Home Ground Advantage!!!!
Brent will be looking to use his local knowledge to give himself the edge when things get tight. A good player that just lives and breathes pool. This will be a good hit-out for Brent as he is off to England to play in the World Championships in June.
Big Guns is thinking about hiring a full time umpire to follow Brent around for his games… many people have suggested, he plays that slow, he should have started on Wednesday.
A little bit of value at $21.00 to win the title.

5. Justin Thursby QLD

Justin Thursby
Justin ThursbyJustin Thursby – QLD
2007 U/21 AUS 8Ball Champion
2007 QLD 8Ball Singles Runner Up
2006 U/21 QLD Champion
2005 AUS 8Ball Quarterfinalist
2005 U/21 QLD Champion
2005 U/21 AUS 8Ball Runner Up
2004 QLD Champion
2003 U/18 AUS 8Ball Champion
2002/03/04 U/18 QLD Champion
2001 U/15 QLD 8Ball Champion
Big Guns Comment:
Don’t let the smile fool you… this baby faced assassin is ruthless!
Althouth not considered one of the finest potters in the field, Justin’s unorthadox game makes opponents uncomfortable and his ability to win games from knowhere is uncanny.
If Justin settles early, he will be difficult to remove.
However, Big Guns believes becasue he is untested over this distance against this quality field, Justin may struggle in latter rounds. At $17 to win, he may be value.

6. Johl Younger NSW

Johl Younger
Johl YoungerJohl Younger
Johl started playing pool as a young child, and at age 12, he was a star Aussie rules footballer, and junior Motorcross champion. He was forced to choose between his three favorite sports at a young age, and his love of pool took over as his number one interest. So he embarked on a professional cue-sport career. Johl became Australian junior 8-ball, 9-ball and Snooker Champion a few years later. He then went on to become a professional Snooker player for 7 years. Johl later turned his hand at 9-ball and he became the best Australian player, winning the Australian 8-ball and 9-ball champs. Later in Australia, he earned a spot in the World 9-ball in Cardiff, Wales and was and was narrowly defeated, by a 13-11 score line. Johl developed a growing frustration with cue-sports in general, with the prize money that was constantly decreasing in the UK. With Snooker also loosing major sponsors, Johl was forced to quit playing professional cue-sports. He now co-owns two different highly successful businesses in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia, the tourist capital of Australia. After hearing of the exciting new International Pool Tour, he could not wait to get back into the game, and Johl is counting the days to set foot in Las Vegas to take on the best players in the world!

Big Guns Comment:
A true world class performer. This guy just oozes talent. If Johl took this game seriously, he would be a seriously tough player to beat and would certainly cause many headaches at a world championships.
Even with half a preperation, Johl is playing to win and he will be someone most will be looking to avoid.
I have him at a $6.50 second favourite to win. No suprises if he ends up with the cash! 

7. Paul Dickinson WA

Paul Dickinson

Paul Dickinson – (WA)Paul Dickinson

Category: Professional

Coached By: Jim Bonner

Mentored By: Phil Reilly

Hardest Player to Beat: Alec Evreniadis (Ace)

Began playing 1995
1996 SA Open Team – Winners
1998 Top 4 Brunswick Open
1998 Top 4 Mildura Open
1998 SA Open Team
1999 Berri 8 Ball Pot the lot –  9 racks in a row defeated Leon Hogg in Final
1999 Lost 5 – 3 to Shaun Budd in $1000 knock out at Casino
1999 SA Open Team Winners.  Topped the averages for SA
2000 WA Open Team
2000 Australian Team Selection
2000 Australian Double Runner up with Ben Vidot

Retired from Competition 8 Ball till September 2009 now back with a vegenance.

Big Guns Comment:
I would love to say how great Paul is at 8-Ball, but to be honest, does anybody know who he is?
Can somebody please email me with some onfo on this guy. 🙂
Back on the scene after a long lay off, we hear he got put out to stud!
A former top SA player that mixed it and matched it with the best.
Can pot, can think, can stay…. can he win??? Hmmm.
I think at $17.00, Paul may be some value if he gets some luck early.



8. Justin Sajich WA

Justin Sajich
Justin SajichJustin Sajich

Big Guns Comment:
The shinning light of WA 8-Ball. Two time (and current) Australian Singles Champion, and has won a thousand junior national titles and a million state comps and local comps.
In a poll at the 2009 Nationals, the nations top womens players voted Justin as the 2nd hottest male player in Australian 8-Ball. He just missed out by a few votes and was defeated by South Australia’s Jack Hunter.
Justin has the goods to be the 2010 Big Guns champion. At $7.50, he’s a big chance.

9. Ron Kelly WA

Ron Kelly
Ron KellyRon Kelly – WA

* 2000 – WA Singles Champion
* 2001 – Player of Carnival (Nationals), Australian Team.
* 2002 – WA Singles Champion
* 2002 – Aus Doubles Champion (Alan Brown) 
* 2002 – Last 16 World Singles
* 2003 – Aus Singles Champion
* 2003 – Strachan Cup Pro-Am Winner (def Gareth Potts 11-9)
* 2003 – Australian Team Selection
* 2004 – Member of World Cup Champion Team
* 2004 – World Cup Player of the Series (topped averages)
* 2004 – Aust Titles (topped averages), Aust Team Selection
* 2006 – WA Singles Champion
* 2007 – WA Singles Champion
* 2009 – Australian team selection (Vice Captain)

Almost back to his best after a few years off from national competition.

Big Guns Comment:
Now this guy CAN PLAY!!!
Before his self imposed spell from the game, Ron Kelly was establishing himself as the Australia's top player and nobody could stop him.
He now finds himself in the position of re-proving himself. But, for the people in 'the know', that is not required, as we all know, Ronny could split this field in half if he finds his old form. A very entertaining player to watch… a big gun from the west looking to take home some big cash!!
At the single figure odds of $9.00, we believe Ronny will be still flying the flag well into the Sunday!




10. Alan Brown WA

Alan Brpwn
Alan BrownAlan Brpwn – WA
WA STATE TEAM SELECTION         1999,00,02,03,04,05,06,07,09
WA STATE SINGLES RU-UP           2003,05,07,08
WA STATE DOUBLES RU-UP          1998,00,02,03,07,09
WA PLAYER OF YEAR                   2005,07

Big Guns Comment:
Hmmm, Alan Brown!
What to say……..
Can he play… Yes! For sure. 
Can he win… If at his best, he can certainly put himself in some handy situations.
A rock solid player under pressure and has been the ‘Go-To’ man for WA at big moments at national titles.
He tells me that since his, ‘bogey man’, Stevie Woods withdrew, he has felt a lot better about his chances.
We believe that he needs to be at his best to push into the money positions.
At $17.00 to win the tournament, he will give a bold showing.

11. Alec Evreniadis SA

alec evreniadis
Alec Evreniadis – SAalec evreniadis
The list is far too long!
Big Guns Comment:
Where does one begin!!!
Widely regarded as Australia’s best ever pool player, Alec has done it all.
He has dominated the sport from the early 90’s and has continued to be a major threat in any tournament.
The list of achievements will only embarass us all, so I will not mention them.
Does tend to be a lot grumpier these days, but still shoots a good stick!
He makes no secret who he would like to avoid in this tournament… He says that Travis Crawley is like a gun that never runs out of bullets. He would be happy to be in seperate halves when the draw gets done.
Alec rates very highly in the market. At $9.50, your money will be alive for a long time.

12. James Delahunty SA

James DelahuntyJames Delahunty SA

Big Guns Comment:
This galloper only knows one speed… FLAT OUT!!!!!
Young Dela has an eye like a lazor and shoots just as straight.
His cueing style resebles a drunk frog in a slowly moving blender but gee is it effective.
A champion player with only one outcome in mind… VICTORY!
One of the genuine top chances in this comp… at $6.50, we are keeping him safe.

13. Ben Nunan VIC

Ben Nunan
Ben NunanBen Nunan VIC

Big Guns Comment:
Here we go ladies and gentlemen… introducing the star of the show!!! Benny ‘Big Time’ Nunan
Ohhh, can you feel the goose bumps tingle all over your body at the mere mentioning of his name!!!
I hear that Benny is to appear in the next Gillette ad, along side Woods & Federer… that’s how big this guy is!!!
A huge talent with massive ability.
A raging red hot favourite in our books at $5.50