Big Guns Champions

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2018Mens.. Mick Hill  11  v 9  Marc Robertson Ladies.. Kolbe Poole  8  v  7  Lyndall Morphett 2017Mens.. Rusty Wheeler 11  v  8  Johl Younger Ladies.. Lyndall Morphett  8 v 6  Kolbe Poole 2016Mick Hill 11  v 5  Marc Robertson | … Continued

1. Ben Nunan

Ben Nunan – Victoria Status:   Professional Strength:   Potting / Positional play.Weakness:   KryptoniteFavourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment:Here we go again ladies and gentlemen… introducing the star of the show!!! Benny ‘Big Time’ NunanThe defending ‘Big Guns’ champion will be even … Continued

2. Ron Kelly

 Ron Kelly – Western Australia Status:   Professional Strength:   TempremantWeakness:   Any card game.Favourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment: Ronnie is making the big trip from Perth again this year in an attempt to go one step better.Ronnie was clearly the best … Continued

3. Jake McCartney

Jake McCartney – (Ballarat) Victoria Status:   Professional Strength:   PottingWeakness:   Has a nervous cough when under the pump.Favourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment:This top line youngster will have serious claims on the title this year.He just dipped his toe in the water … Continued

4. Alec Evrenadis

Alec Evrenadis – (Adelaide) South Australia Status:   Professional Strength:   He has it all.Weakness:   UnknownFavourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment:No introduction is required. Alec has done it all… many times.Easily the most decorated pool player in Australia, Alec will be keen to add … Continued