Big Guns Champions

2018Mens.. Mick Hill  11  v 9  Marc Robertson Ladies.. Kolbe Poole  8  v  7  Lyndall Morphett 2017Mens.. Rusty Wheeler 11  v  8  Johl Younger Ladies.. Lyndall Morphett  8 v 6  Kolbe Poole 2016Mick Hill 11  v 5  Marc Robertson | … Read More

Big Guns – 2012

Thursday 25th Oct 2012 Australian Eight Ball Champions Grand Final Friday 26th Oct 2012   Big Guns Qualifying (Snooker World) Saturday 27th Oct 2012 Big Guns Tournament (Snooker World) Sunday 28th Oct 2012 Big Guns Tournament (Snooker World) PRO’S: $1,000.00   –   … Read More

1. Ben Nunan

Ben Nunan – Victoria Status:   Professional Strength:   Potting / Positional play.Weakness:   KryptoniteFavourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment:Here we go again ladies and gentlemen… introducing the star of the show!!! Benny ‘Big Time’ NunanThe defending ‘Big Guns’ champion will be even … Read More

2. Ron Kelly

 Ron Kelly – Western Australia Status:   Professional Strength:   TempremantWeakness:   Any card game.Favourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment: Ronnie is making the big trip from Perth again this year in an attempt to go one step better.Ronnie was clearly the best … Read More

3. Jake McCartney

Jake McCartney – (Ballarat) Victoria Status:   Professional Strength:   PottingWeakness:   Has a nervous cough when under the pump.Favourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment:This top line youngster will have serious claims on the title this year.He just dipped his toe in the water … Read More

4. Alec Evrenadis

Alec Evrenadis – (Adelaide) South Australia Status:   Professional Strength:   He has it all.Weakness:   UnknownFavourite Player: Travis Crawley Big Guns Comment:No introduction is required. Alec has done it all… many times.Easily the most decorated pool player in Australia, Alec will be keen to add … Read More