1. Travis Crawley NSW

Travis Crawley – (NSW) Category: ProfessionalHardest Player to Beat: Sonny Lister===============================   * Australian Singles Champion – 2001, 2006* Australian Singles R/Up – 1999, 2004* Australian Singles 3rd Place – 1998* Australian Singles Semi Finalist – 2007* Australian Doubles R/Up – 1994* … Continued

7. Paul Dickinson WA

Paul Dickinson – (WA) Category: Professional Coached By: Jim Bonner Mentored By: Phil Reilly Hardest Player to Beat: Alec Evreniadis (Ace)================================================= Began playing 19951996 SA Open Team – Winners1998 Top 4 Brunswick Open1998 Top 4 Mildura Open1998 SA Open Team1999 … Continued

10. Alan Brown WA

Alan Brown – WA Professional STARTED PLAYING 1980(UK) CHESHIRE COUNTY TEAM      1985,86WA STATE TEAM SELECTION         1999,00,02,03,04,05,06,07,09WA STATE SINGLES RU-UP           2003,05,07,08WA STATE DOUBLES WINNER       2005,07WA STATE DOUBLES RU-UP          1998,00,02,03,07,09WA PLAYER OF YEAR                   2005,07 AUSTRALIAN DOUBLES WINNER    2002AUSTRALIA TEAM SELECTION        2007––Big Guns Comment:Hmmm, … Continued