1. Ben Nunan

Ben Nunan – Victoria

Status:   Professional
Strength:   Potting / Positional play.
Weakness:   Kryptonite
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Here we go again ladies and gentlemen… introducing the star of the show!!! Benny ‘Big Time’ Nunan
The defending ‘Big Guns’ champion will be even harder to beat on his home tables at Princes.
Who will Benny play in the final?

A white hot favourite (again) in our books.

2. Ron Kelly


 Ron Kelly – Western Australiaalt

Status:   Professional
Strength:   Tempremant
Weakness:   Any card game.
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:

Ronnie is making the big trip from Perth again this year in an attempt to go one step better.
Ronnie was clearly the best player last year until he ran into an out of control Ben Nunan in the final. Even
with Benny at his absolute best, the final still went down to the final frame and a master break by Ben in
the 21st frame prevented Ronnie from a visit to the table.
Over the best of 21 distance, Ronnie is world class. Tough to stop, tough to beat.

He will be equal favourite this year with Benny… Wont be a suprise to see him in the final again.
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3. Jake McCartney


altJake McCartney – (Ballarat) Victoria

Status:   Professional
Strength:   Potting
Weakness:   Has a nervous cough when under the pump.
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
This top line youngster will have serious claims on the title this year.
He just dipped his toe in the water last year to see hot it would be. He can lift to this level without
much trouble. He just needed the gallop last year, now he is ready.
Jake has an awkwardness about him at the table that gives opponents a hope that they in with a chance, however, his ability to finish frames is brilliant.

A definate contender in this years Big Guns.

4. Alec Evrenadis


altAlec Evrenadis – (Adelaide) South Australia

Status:   Professional
Strength:   He has it all.
Weakness:   Unknown
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
No introduction is required. Alec has done it all… many times.
Easily the most decorated pool player in Australia, Alec will be keen to add this title to his long list of achievments. Regarded by many as the greatest pool player Australia has ever seen, this man will take some stopping.
In any tournament, after the draw is done, everyone looks to see where Ace has been drawn. The longer you can avoid him, the better… hopefully someone else can beat him!!!
With his table toughness, best of 21 is right up his alley.

The bookies will keep Áce’very safe in the market. A big time player, big time ability.

5. James Delahunty


altJames Delahunty – (Adelaide) South Australia

Status:   Professional
Strength:   Potting Freak
Weakness:   Scoreboard Pressure
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Easily, one of the most gifted and outstanding potters in the world. Jimmy can put a space between himself and any opponent in a blink of an eye. When in full flight, he is just a pleasure to watch.
If he can find the complete game, he will be unstoppable. Who ever gets to play Jimmy had better be ready to play, coz there aint no time to get settled… don’t blink… you might miss it!

If he shows up with his Á’ game, I pity the rest of you. 

6. Scott Matthews




Scott Matthews – (Melbourne) Victoria
Status:   Professional
Strength:   Same surname as Leigh
Weakness:   His stupid bloody cue!
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
When he is not complaining about his cue, he is usually knocking in hundred breaks on the snooker table.

Back in 1999, Scott shot 20 from 24 in the Australian Titles and was setting the tables alight.
A very talented player with plenty to offer in this arena.
A genuine hope at this level. Do not dismiss him, he could suprise.

7. James Mifsud

James Mifsud – Melbourne (Victoriaalt)
Status:  Professional
Strength:   Strong Snooker Background
Weakness:  Weak 8-Ball Background
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:

Unknown over this distance in this type of event. I guess the punters will have to take him on trust.
James is a very good player with plenty of ability. He just cleaned up at Albury, so he is in top form.
I think he will be a tough customer whoever has to play him.
He could be dangerous if he finds himself deep into the draw on Sunday.
The bookie is finding it hard to place him…hmm, hmm…. I think at about $12, he may be value.

8. Brenton Collier

Brenton Collier – (Adelaide) South Australia 

Status: Professional 

Strength: His attacking ability.
Weakness:  Slow games drain his power. 
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley 

Big Guns Comment:
Introducing, the current Australian Champion… Mr. Brenton Collier.
Yes ladies & gentlemen, he is the number one man at the moment. He finally captured Australia’s most prestigious title in Adelaide last year.
When he lights is up, he is unstoppable… his power and precision are jaw dropping, his desire to win is intense.

Brenton was a little bit of a scaredy cat last year… he didn’t want to jump on the big bad jumbo jet and fly to the Gold Coast and take on the best.
Well, here he is boys!!! He is number one, and he has come to take the cash.
Bookies have decided to take him on… We don’t think he can last two full days and a Friday night of full-on tournament play.
We are tipping that Mr Collier will exit the main draw late on Saturday night. Prove me wrong big fella!!!

9. Michael Scerri




Michael Scerri – (Melbourne) Victoria 
Status:  Professional
Strength:  All Round Player
Favourite Player: 

Big Guns Comment:
A very solid performer at any tournament.

A tough customer to come up against as he doesn’t usually give much away.
Scerri is a former Player of the Carnival at the Australian Titles… And that aint easy to do!
Should go quite well in this event as he has the tempremant to go a long way.
Keep Safe.