2. Ron Kelly

2. Ron Kelly


 Ron Kelly – Western Australiaalt

Status:   Professional
Strength:   Tempremant
Weakness:   Any card game.
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:

Ronnie is making the big trip from Perth again this year in an attempt to go one step better.
Ronnie was clearly the best player last year until he ran into an out of control Ben Nunan in the final. Even
with Benny at his absolute best, the final still went down to the final frame and a master break by Ben in
the 21st frame prevented Ronnie from a visit to the table.
Over the best of 21 distance, Ronnie is world class. Tough to stop, tough to beat.

He will be equal favourite this year with Benny… Wont be a suprise to see him in the final again.
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