8. Brenton Collier

8. Brenton Collier

Brenton Collier – (Adelaide) South Australia 

Status: Professional 

Strength: His attacking ability.
Weakness:  Slow games drain his power. 
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley 

Big Guns Comment:
Introducing, the current Australian Champion… Mr. Brenton Collier.
Yes ladies & gentlemen, he is the number one man at the moment. He finally captured Australia’s most prestigious title in Adelaide last year.
When he lights is up, he is unstoppable… his power and precision are jaw dropping, his desire to win is intense.

Brenton was a little bit of a scaredy cat last year… he didn’t want to jump on the big bad jumbo jet and fly to the Gold Coast and take on the best.
Well, here he is boys!!! He is number one, and he has come to take the cash.
Bookies have decided to take him on… We don’t think he can last two full days and a Friday night of full-on tournament play.
We are tipping that Mr Collier will exit the main draw late on Saturday night. Prove me wrong big fella!!!