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11. Justin Sajich

Justin Sajich

Justin Sajich


Justin Sajich – (Perth) Western Australia
Status:  Professional
Strength:   He can bench press a bus!
Weakness:  West Coast supporter.
Favourite Player: Jo Jo

Big Guns Comment:
A genuine superstar in Australian 8-Ball.
Justin started winning Australian titles before his voice broke.
He is one of the most consistent players in Australia, his ability to adapt to any match type is a massive advantage

for this champ from the west.
He can pot as good as anyone, he has got the patience of a saint, tactically, he is as good as anyone.
Not the most dynamic player in the field, but that matter little when the job needs to get done.
If he decides to practice for this, he will be very, very hard to beat.
The bookie will not take any risks with this young fella… he will be kept very safe.

12. Joel Younger

Johl Younger

Johl Younger

2011 Big Guns Champion – Johl Younger


Joel Younger – (Geelong) Victoria 
Status:  Professional
Strength:  Where do I begin?
Weakness:  I have no idea.
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Joel returns to have another go at the Big Guns title after a terribly unlucky 3rd place last year.
Along with Ronnie & Ben, Joel produced some of the most memorable shots and brilliant clearances that most of

the people in attendance had seen for a long time.
Joel is easily able to win this title. One assumes that he has put in some extra table time in the lead up to this
years event. If you want to see a world class player in full flight, come down to Princes and watch this guy.
He is my tip to win the event his year. I cannot go past him. With practice, I cant see anybody beating him.
Whoever beats Joel (if any), will win this event.
Bookies do not want to lay a bet on Joel… He is a better chance to win this than Sepoy is to win the Golden Slipper!!! 🙂 

13. Steve Woods

Steve Woods – (Queanbeyan) New South Walesalt
Status:  Professional
Strength:   Potting
Weakness:  Getting over the line.
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Steve has established himself as one of Australias best.
His performances at Australian titles has him walking straight into Australian teams with ease.
He has made two Australian singles finals but fallen at the final hurdle on both occasions.

Stevie has got all the weapons, he has the know how, the desire, the smarts… everything.. except a title.
When he bursts this annoying little buble, the flood gates will open. He has got the game to win this event and he
has got the game to win a world title. He just needs to make the next step.
I guess he would be on the third line of betting in this event, but I would have my money on him. A great player indeed.
I think Steve will make the semi finals, and from there… Stevie will have to find his best.