Category 2011 Melbourne Big Gun Players

32. Troy Ruddling

Troy Ruddling – Tasmania                                                                                                                                                                                          

Status:   Amateuralt
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Backed himself to win a small fortune at the Nationals in October…. bookies had him at 1500/1 to win the Australian Singles and he had them a little nervous when he slapped down some big dollars.

He will cause a few headaches… do not take lightly.

37. Brent Hampton

Brent Hampton – (Canberra) ACT 

Status: Amateur



Favorite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Has been to a Junior World Championships a few years ago.
Is looking to break into the senior ranks and knows the Big Guns will be quite a challenge.

Is a capable player that will learn plenty from the experience.