Category 2011 Melbourne Big Gun Players

21. Stephen Jamieson

Stephen Jamieson – (Melbourne) Victoria alt

Status: Intermediate

Strength: Ex Professional Snooker Player (1995 – 1998)

Weakness:  It Was Years Ago

Favorite Player: Luca Brecel

Big Guns Comment:
A former snooker pro… he must know how to cue the ball… he must have some idea…

I guess the only thing I can say is… approach with caution!

The only form line I can find is… he belted Peter Butterworth at snooker the other night.

Peter has promised to return the favour on the 7 foot tables!!! 🙂

28. Kolbe Poole

Kolbe Poole – Victoria                                                                                                                                          alt

Status:   Amateur

Big Guns Comment:

Kolbe is the first lady player to play in ‘Big Guns’.

A great player who has represented Victoria many times at National level.

An amazing opportunity for one of Australias best

lady players to take on Australias best men.

A big chance at best amatuer… big big chance.

29. Jason Kyranis

Jason Kyranis – WA, NT, QLD, NSW, QLD
Status:   Amateur
Strength:   Doubles & Triples
Weakness:   Doubles & Triples (Scotch)
Favourite Player: Travis Crawley

Big Guns Comment:
Has been known to knock out some big names in Australian 8-Ball.

The most lethal player in Australia when needing to pot a ball off two or three rails… his working of the
angles is second to none.
A lot of complaints from a lot of players that Jason has been allowed to enter as an amateur… but an administration
error has meant he sqeezed through and we are now exposed to the fact that an amateur could go through and
take out this title.
Be afraid… be very afraid.