Important Tournament Notes:

Important Tournament Notes:

Important Tournament Notes: 

1. 0 The tournament director reserves the right to change what the matches will be played
‘Best of’ if it is believed the tournament will not finish in the allotted time frame.

2.0  If a match enters a third hour (over two hours); a timer may be appointed to the table.

3.0  If players are taking too long to play shots, his opponent should request a timer.

4.0  All players are expected to dress in smart casual clothing. Come on guys… dress smart!

5. 0 Due to matches on the Sunday being filmed, it is a request that players involved in finals 
dress appropriately. “You’re going to be on TV… remember to look nice!!!”

6.0    Players that are deemed not to be playing in the ‘Spirit of the game’ may be exposed to;

6.1 – First offence is a ‘Yellow Card’ – This offence will result in the loss of frame.

6.2 – Second offence is a ‘Red Card’ – This offence will result in the loss of match.

7.0    The tournament director can eject any player from the tournament if it is deemed that he is/has jeopardized the tournament in any way. This may be an act against a patron of the venue, a sponsor, another player etc… This sort of behavior will not be tolerated by the “Big Guns’ tournament or the management of the playing venue. That player will be removed from the competition and may be asked to leave the premises.

8.0    It is the responsibility of the players to call an adjudicator in to view a close or important shot. Remember, an adjudicator cannot rule on an alleged foul that has not been witnessed.

9.0    We will not be using string or fishing line to determine total snookers… we have got ‘Rusty’, he has got an eye like a barramundi.

10.0     A players meeting will be held prior to the commencement of play to go through the tournament rules and regulations.

11.0     The draw is scheduled to be done at 6pm on Friday evening.

12.0     All players are required to attend as matches start at 7pm.

13.0     All ‘pro’s will play an ‘amateur’ in round 1.

14.0     Friday Night Proposed Schedule – 7pm start to finish of round 1.