Tournament Report: Big Guns Gold Coast 2010

Tournament Report: Big Guns Gold Coast 2010

‘2010 BIG GUN’

Congratulations to Ben Nunan who produced a super-human effort to win the inaugural ‘Big Guns’ tournament.
Ben was forced to come from the losers side after he was eliminated by Joel Younger in the semi final of the winners side.
Ben then went on to defeat Victoria’s Jake McCartney, Queenslander Adam List and then got his revenge against Gold Coast local Joel Younger…. and don’t forget, all these games happened on the Sunday!!!
Then, he had to go into the Grand Final and take on the Red Hot West Australian, Ron Kelly who had played excellent pool all weekend.
Because Ban came from the losers side, that meant he had to defeat Ronny twice (over 21 frames).
For those in attendance, they were treated to some of the best pool played by anybody, anywhere. Benny Nunan dismantled Ronny in the first final, hardly missing a shot and giving Ronny very little, if any opportunity… but the best was yet to come.
The final match of the tournament was going te be the best, Ronny gathered his thoughts and regained his composure and came back at Benny in the second best of 21. Both players were fighting very hard to capture the $10,000 first prize. After almost 40 hours of pool and hundreds and hundreds of frames over the weekend, it came down to the final frame of the tournament to determine the champion. At 10-10, Benny walked to the table, smashed open the balls, and that was it… good night nurse… Benny cleared the table and was declared the champion.
Well done to Ron Kelly, who played some of the best pool of his career this weekend, and he believes he still is not quite back to his best, so look out for next time.
This grand final has been rated one of the best of all time. We are privileged that the whole grand final has been captured by William from and can’t wait till the DVD is ready so we can watch it all again.


Big Guns:
1st: Ben Nunan ($10,000)
2nd: Ron Kelly ($4,000)
3rd: Joel Younger ($1,500)
4th: Adam List ($1,000)


Best Amateur: (Prize was split as agreed by the two players)
1st: John Spinks ($500) (Will be upgraded next year)
1st: Werner Fontein ($500) (Will be upgraded next year)
Out of Bullets:
1st: John ‘Rusty’ Wheeler ($500)
2nd: Rick Shaw ($250)
Best Amateur:
1st: Damien Smith ($100)

Best Dressed:
Joel Younger: No Prize Money – It’s just nice that people took notice.

Best Hat:
Kingsley Towell: Ignoring the fact he was the only one with a hat, it was still the best hat!!!

Best Dummy Spit:
Paul Dickinson: Paul took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in this award. All’s well that ends well! 🙂

Biggest Pain In The Bum: (Excluding Paul Dickinson)
Bruce McQuillan: He knows why!!! Just believe me, he deserves this award.

Punching Above Their Weight:
Chris Beagley: Took down Jimmy Delahunty with ease… I told y’all not to underestimate this guy!!!

Went Missing:
John ‘Rusty’ Wheeler: Does anybody know if Rusty actually played!!! I can’t remember seeing him?

Thanks to everybody who played in the 2010 Big Guns. I think we all had a great time and played plenty of pool. They say the cream rises to the top and this event was no exception.
Well done to the players that collected some cash, well done the the amateurs who invested good money to have a crack at Australias best players.
Thanks to John ‘Rusty’ Wheeler for his help in organising this event
Thanks to Greg Dingle for helping/building the ‘Big Guns’ web page… Great work!
Thanks to John Rolling from Snooker World for his support and hard work.
The first Big Guns has been run and won… after speaking to a lot of people, everyone is keen to have this on again next year, so lets see if we can make it bigger and better. I will get some information out when things become clearer on what is going to happen. I am hoping to be able to hand over a 1st prize cheque of $20,000 next year…. Stay Tuned!!!


Travis Crawley
Tournament Director
Ph: 0410 494 863