Big Guns on the Gold Coast

Big Guns on the Gold Coast

Date:            19th, 20th, 21st of March 2010
Time:             Matches start at 7pm on Friday 19th March 2010
Location:      Snooker World
Street:          2506 Gold Coast Highway
City/Town:   Mermaid Beach (Gold Coast)

Entry Cost:    $1000.00 (Professionals)
Entry Cost:    $  500.00 (Intermediates)
Entry Cost:    $  250.00 (Amateurs)
Entries:           Maximum of 32 entries only. (Entries Closed)
Tournament Director:      Travis Crawley
Head of Adjudication:      Travis Crawley
Mobile:                              0410 494 863
‘Big Guns’ Update: 10th March 2010
Entries are closed!!!
We filled the final spots in the ‘Big Guns’ today. Well done guys… 32 players is great!
For those players who missed out, thankyou for your interest…
but as they say… “he who hesitates, is lost!”
More info will become available as the date gets closer, so stay tuned.
It would be appreciated if all players can have themselves available at Snookerworld between 5pm and 6pm on the Friday afternoon. The draw will be done ‘Live’ at 6pm and every player will be required to draw their position in the draw, so there is no excuses, you will all be the masters of your own destiny.
Travis Crawley
Tournament Director
‘Big Guns’ Update:

At this stage, we have 27 players in total (Pro’s, Intermediates and amateurs)
Unfortunately, Steve Woods has pulled out to unavoidable work committments.
The advertised minimum prize money has not been affected by this withdrawal.
It is looking very likely that the 32 spots will be filled.
If you are thinking about playing, don’t delay, nominate now!!!
Once I have 32 players… Entries will be closed!!!

Travis Crawley
Tournament Director


Due to this being the first ‘Big Guns’ tournament that I have organised, and there is big money involved, there have been decisions made ‘on the run’ to try and ensure a successful tournament.
I trust everyone can understand that I have tried to accomodate everybody the best I can.

I would like everybody to be aware of the following;

* WA Players Rebate:
The four WA pro’s that are coming over from Perth will receive an airfare rebate.
The ‘Big Guns’ tournament will pay a rebate for evey dollar over $300 that has been spent on airfares up to $200.
This means if the airfare costs $450, then the rebate will be $150.
However if the airfare costs $600, then the rebate has been capped at $200 only.
This rebate will not in any way have any impact on the advertised prize money.
(Note) This rebate only gets paid if a player does not receive any prize money.

* Best Amateur
If the remainder of the spots get filled with amateurs, we will be offering a ‘Best Amateur’ cash prize.
The amount will be decided just prior to the tournament starting.
This amateur prize will not in any way have any impact on the advertised prize money.

* Intermediate Players
Some players that heve been deemed ‘not quite’ pro or ‘too good’ for amateur have been offered ‘Intermediate’ spots at $500.
Thus far, those player offered ‘Intermediate’ spots have not made a decision.
Intermediate players will not be eligable for the ‘Best Amateur’ prize money. (If any)

* Prize Money
At this stage we have 16 pro players. So the minimum prize money stated at the start still applies.
1st: $10,000
2nd: $4,000
3rd: $1,000
4th: $1,000

Note: Once rebates, expenses and admin have been deducted, all remaining monies will be included into the prize money. This figure will not be known until the Sunday of the tournament.
No money will be left in the bank once this event has concluded.
As you have all trusted me with your nomination money, I would think that you all trust that I will distribute the monies honestly and truly.

Travis Crawley
Tournament Director.

A tournament is being arranged to sort out who really is Australia’s best pool player.
Organisers are looking for 16 players to participate in this exclusive event.
This event will be hosted on the Gold Coast with the local association expressing keen interest in hosting. Local sponsorship is being sought to help boost prize money.
Entry fee will be $1000 per player. This will be a double elimination tournament with all matches best of 21 frames.
Tournament date is being confirmed, but early to mid next year is the target.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.
For any player that is interested, please flag your interest by sending me an email on