1. Travis Crawley NSW

Travis Crawley – (NSW) Category: ProfessionalHardest Player to Beat: Sonny Lister===============================   * Australian Singles Champion – 2001, 2006* Australian Singles R/Up – 1999, 2004* Australian Singles 3rd Place – 1998* Australian Singles Semi Finalist – 2007* Australian Doubles R/Up – 1994* … Read More

4. Brent Read QLD

Brent Read – QLD Professional – – Big Guns Comment:The Big Guns have learned that Snooker World is where Brent gets all his mail posted too. Apparently he resides under table seven! Talk about Home Ground Advantage!!!! Brent will be looking … Read More

5. Justin Thursby QLD

Justin Thursby – QLD Professional 2007 U/21 AUS 8Ball Champion2007 QLD 8Ball Singles Runner Up2006 U/21 QLD Champion2005 AUS 8Ball Quarterfinalist 2005 U/21 QLD Champion2005 U/21 AUS 8Ball Runner Up 2004 QLD Champion2003 U/18 AUS 8Ball Champion 2002/03/04 U/18 QLD Champion … Read More

7. Paul Dickinson WA

Paul Dickinson – (WA) Category: Professional Coached By: Jim Bonner Mentored By: Phil Reilly Hardest Player to Beat: Alec Evreniadis (Ace)================================================= Began playing 19951996 SA Open Team – Winners1998 Top 4 Brunswick Open1998 Top 4 Mildura Open1998 SA Open Team1999 … Read More

8. Justin Sajich WA

Justin Sajich Professional WA––Big Guns Comment:The shinning light of WA 8-Ball. Two time (and current) Australian Singles Champion, and has won a thousand junior national titles and a million state comps and local comps.In a poll at the 2009 Nationals, the nations … Read More

9. Ron Kelly WA

Ron Kelly – WA Professional * 2000 – WA Singles Champion * 2001 – Player of Carnival (Nationals), Australian Team. * 2002 – WA Singles Champion * 2002 – Aus Doubles Champion (Alan Brown)  * 2002 – Last 16 World Singles * … Read More

10. Alan Brown WA

Alan Brown – WA Professional STARTED PLAYING 1980(UK) CHESHIRE COUNTY TEAM      1985,86WA STATE TEAM SELECTION         1999,00,02,03,04,05,06,07,09WA STATE SINGLES RU-UP           2003,05,07,08WA STATE DOUBLES WINNER       2005,07WA STATE DOUBLES RU-UP          1998,00,02,03,07,09WA PLAYER OF YEAR                   2005,07 AUSTRALIAN DOUBLES WINNER    2002AUSTRALIA TEAM SELECTION        2007––Big Guns Comment:Hmmm, … Read More