11. Justin Sajich

Justin Sajich


Justin Sajich – (Perth) Western Australia
Status:  Professional
Strength:   He can bench press a bus!
Weakness:  West Coast supporter.
Favourite Player: Jo Jo

Big Guns Comment:
A genuine superstar in Australian 8-Ball.
Justin started winning Australian titles before his voice broke.
He is one of the most consistent players in Australia, his ability to adapt to any match type is a massive advantage

for this champ from the west.
He can pot as good as anyone, he has got the patience of a saint, tactically, he is as good as anyone.
Not the most dynamic player in the field, but that matter little when the job needs to get done.
If he decides to practice for this, he will be very, very hard to beat.
The bookie will not take any risks with this young fella… he will be kept very safe.

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