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Main Comp

1st:   $10,000.00
2nd:   $ 4,000.00
3rd:   $ 1,500.00
4th:    $ 1,000.00

* The player who finishes as the winner (on the winners side)

must be defeated twice by the player that advances to the grand final via the repercharge.

Best Amateur:

1st: $1,000.00

* The best amateur is decided by the amateur that advances the furthest in the draw.
* Only players classified as amateurs are eligible for this prize.
* A play-off will be required if the best amateur is tied between 2 or more players.
* Depending on how many are in the play-off will depend on the format.
* The decision of the format is at the discretion of the tournament director.


The Big Guns
that are
’Out Of Bullets’
(Sunday Comp)

‘Out of Bullets’ Winner:            ‘Out of Bullets’ – Best Amateur:

1st: $ 500.00                           1st: $ 100.00
2nd: $250.00

* The ‘Out of Bullets’ comp will commence on Sunday morning at approx 11am.
* The ‘Out of Bullets’ comp is only open to players that have run out of bullets.
* This ‘Out of Bullets’ comp is only open to players that competed in the ‘Big Guns’.
* For those of you who do not know what ‘Out of Bullets’ means……….
(This one is aimed at you Paul)… it means you’re out of the main comp!!!
* The ‘Best Amateur’ winner in the ‘Big Guns’ comp is ineligible from winning the
‘Best Amateur’ prize in the ‘Out of Bullets’ comp.

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